Well4ever, your local Putney clinic, has years of experience working to enhance female and male fertility, with a wide range of treatments available here in SW15. We can help you in your journey, from conception to post-pregnancy. There are many possible explanations for why a couple may experience difficulty conceiving. Some factors that contribute to this include diet, age, medical history, psychosomatic issues and general health. For specific conditions which may affect fertility (PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc.) see women’s health.

Hands-on therapies used to treat infertility aim to bring the body to its optimal health naturally, creating an environment conducive to conceiving and supporting pregnancy while avoiding the use of any drugs with potentially undesirable side effects. Treatments may help to increase blood circulation, release tension, improve nutrition and diet and restore the body’s natural balance, increasing its ability to conceive.

Some commonly used therapies for addressing issues related to fertility are acupuncture, reflexology, cranial osteopathy, stress reduction, herbs and homeopathy. For more detailed information, see our treatments page There is a large and growing body of research regarding the use of acupuncture for increasing chances of conceiving, some of which you can access here on our website. Acupuncture aims to restore the body’s natural balance and establish a free flow of qi, or life force. In addition it helps to stabilise the hormones within the body, helping ovulation; increases blood flow to the uterus, raising chances for the egg to implant there; reduces stress hormones that can hinder ovulation. It can also be beneficial for men, by helping to raise sperm count through improving blood flow.

Acupuncture has been shown to be especially effective in helping women undergoing in vitro fertilisation, with about 50% of women having IVF and acupuncture securing pregnancy, reduced rates of miscarriage and stillbirth compared to women undergoing IVF without acupuncture.

Our acupuncturist is also a herbalist and uses herbs to help the body correct any imbalance and prepare it for pregnancy. Herbs have been used to improve fertility for centuries in traditional and folk medicine as they can affect the body’s endocrine system and enhance general health.

Reflexology uses the principle that the entire body is mapped out on the feet and by using gentle massage on the right areas on the foot, it can alleviate health problems elsewhere in the body. It is a very relaxing therapy and can help to increase circulation, promote relaxation and stress reduction and balance hormonal levels.

Osteopathy is another hands-on therapy that aims to treat the entire body by focusing on the alignment of the spine. When dealing with fertility and pregnancy, cranial therapy is used which involves gentle manipulation of the skull to improve health throughout the entire body. Various points are used to reduce pain in other areas of the body, such as lower back pain in pregnancy.

Our state of mind can strongly affect our physical health. Integrative health practitioners tend to consider emotional and mental health as inseparable to that of physical well-being. Reducing stress and anxiety may therefore have a role to play in increasing chances of conceiving. Undergoing talking therapy with a counsellor can help the management of emotions and stress reduction, leaving you feeling more relaxed and in tune with your body.