Food intolerance differs from food allergies in that the body’s reaction is much less extreme and can take some time to manifest, making it much more difficult to pinpoint. Food intolerance occurs when we ingest something that our body is not able to properly breakdown and digest, resulting in a number of different repercussions to our overall health.

It can be difficult to identify which foods you may be intolerant to and to what degree, as so many factors affect our health every day, ranging from stress, exercise, diet and illness. Keeping a detailed food diary can be helpful, especially with professional supervision. At Well4ever, you can test for intolerance to up to with Lorisian and under go tests relating to specific issues such as irritable bowel syndrome. With Cyrex Laboratories we offer gluten sensitivity tests that provide the most comprehensive analysis currently available. For more information, see our Functional Medicine page.

The body may be badly equipped to deal with certain foods for several reasons. For example, we may lack certain enzymes necessary for the breakdown of certain sugars, such as lactase for lactose present in milk. Some people may simply be more sensitive to certain ingredients, such as caffeine, alcohol, or additives used to preserve or colour food. The inability to properly digest and absorb the food and drink we consume can create a variety of painful health problems ranging from bloating to cramping to vomiting. Some indications of food intolerance can be very mild, such as feeling tired following a meal or waking up feeling puffy-faced. Identifying the foods that are causing you discomfort and changing your diet accordingly can greatly improve your overall health.

It goes without saying, a key part to adapting our diets to suit our individual needs is learning to avoid foods that do not agree us. This can be very difficult to determine given the many factors which affect our everyday health, such as exercise, stress, environmental factors and illness. Food intolerance symptoms tend to be discrete and slow to manifest, making it even harder to locate the culprit. When we have a food intolerance we are unable to properly break down and digest some ingested food or drink, resulting in a number of different repercussions for our overall health. To resolve these difficulties, Well4ever offers a wide range of lab tests to determine food intolerance . With Lorisian labs, you can test for up to 150 or more food items enabling you to detect any food intolerance you may suffer from and adapt your eating habits accordingly. All results come with a support package to help manage any recommended changes in your diet. We also provide gluten sensitivity Array 3 tests with Cyrex, offering the most comprehensive analysis currently available for gluten sensitivity. Here is a non-exhaustive list of tests available:

With Cyrex:

With Lorisian:

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