Monday: 2:30pm – 7:30pm
Tuesday: 8:30am – 1:30pm
Every Other Wednesday / Saturday by appointment


First Consultation
75 minutes – £110

Follow-up Consultations
60 minutes – £90
45 minutes – £75
30 minutes – £50

Skype/Telephone consultations may be booked with the reception team on request. These are charged at the same prices indicated as above.


Download the Nutrition/Health Questionnaire Form

Ryre Lee Cornish
MSc., BSc.(Hons)Psyc, mBANT, CNHC
Nutrition and Functional Medicine

I love food. I love good food and I love making healthy food choices. Although, this is not the only reason I practice Nutritional therapy. I have had an interest in health and nutrition from as far back as I can remember, although growing up in South Africa, Nutritional therapy was not the norm. Having both parents working as full time pharmacists it was not a topic highly discussed at the dinner table either.

My career therefore began as more ‘mainstream’ and I completed my BSc. degree in Psychology, finding the mind in relation to health an absolutely intriguing subject. Psychology led me to delve deeper into individuals behaviours and functions so I started to question why?

My passion and love for nutrition grew when I moved to the UK in 2010. Keeping up with psychology-based work as well as teaching rehabilitative Pilates, empowered me as a therapist to integrate the body and the mind. This still wasn’t enough. Something was missing? Hence starting on this Nutritional therapy journey. I completed my Masters in Nutritional Therapy at CNELM in 2013, specializing in Sports Nutrition, Longevity and Chronic Illness.

Today I see a variety of patients of all ages, with various health goals or concerns. Having trained in Functional Medicine, my approach considers how the health of the individual is multifaceted and underlying causes, not just symptoms, are considered. Using recommendations around food, lifestyle, supplementation, functional testing and GP or healthcare collaboration, I offer patients a personalized approach.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey of optimal health and wellbeing.


Ryre holds two BSc’s, an MSc. in Nutritional Therapy and is qualified as a NLP Practitioner. She is fully registered with BANT and CNHC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before your initial consultation, you are requested to fill in a Comprehensive Health Questionnaire which can be downloaded here. Please bring it along with you to the consultation.

The initial consultation is an information gathering session, going through the questionnaire, formulating your own personal health timeline and establishing your health goals or concerns.

We will discuss your personalised nutrition plan going forward, including dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as a personalised supplement programme if required. Functional testing may be considered depending on your goals and concerns.

These areas will be expanded on more thoroughly in the follow up’s.

Follow ups are used to continually review changes in symptoms, monitor progress and fine-tune recommendations, with an ongoing investigation of the underlying causes of your symptoms.

  • 60 minutes – used for more involved health goals or concerns and to go over lab test results.
  • 45 minutes –used to re-assess goals, monitor changes, and make additional recommendations.
  • 30 minutes – used as a more maintenance programme.

The number, duration and frequency of follow-ups will be advised after the initial consultation. Most individuals find within 6-10 sessions, their goals and health concerns are being met. Everyone is unique so this does vary accordingly.

Your completed health questionnaire. Download it here.
It depends on your presenting symptoms, health concerns or health goals. It is not a requirement.

The price of these start from £50 to £500, and will be discussed in more detail once we have formalised your wellness plan.

Everyone is unique so I take into consideration what medication you may be on, what potential interactions these have with various supplements, your age, your lifestyle, your diet and recommendations may be made based on lab test results too.
Yes, Skype or telephone consultations can be booked in with the reception team on request.