Functional medicine is a method that combines the ancient accumulated wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern-day Western diagnostic tools and knowledge. It has emerged in response to the rise of complex diseases in the twenty-first century and with the aim of integrating and consolidating two different medical approaches, thereby offering the best of both worlds.

Functional medicine, like integrative health care, treats the person as a whole unit, taking into account factors such as environment, lifestyle, diet, personal histories and so on. Here at Well4ever in Putney, South West London, we offer a wide range of lab tests to securely diagnose health complaints which may originate from something such as an endocrine imbalance, food intolerance, allergies, or vitamin deficiencies. The results then facilitate improved, natural health action.

All tests are carried out by our acupuncturist and herbalist, Guy Lederman and processed at the relevant lab, usually within ten days of receipt. Once the underlying cause of your health concern has been securely established, you can begin or continue your integrative health care plan, individually tailored to suit your needs and targeted towards eradicating the root cause of illness.

With us you can test for the following:

With Genova Diagnostics:

With Lorisian:

With Cyrex:

This list is in no way exhaustive. Please click on the lab name (Lorisian, Genova Diagnostics, Cyrex) to find out more.

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