Well4ever is pleased to offer homeopathy at its local Putney clinic in London. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been used worldwide for the last 200 years. It is based on the simple observation that there is a reciprocal relationship between medicines and disease and that every substance can, at one and the same time, produce the same symptoms in a healthy person that it can resolve in a person who is ill. This relationship, called the Law of Similars, underpins every homeopathic prescription. It demonstrates that symptoms are merely the attempt by the person and their body to resolve their distress: if I am upset and I cry, the tears are the symptom which also help to release the upset.

Medicines prescribed in this way act as catalysts, assisting the body’s own healing intelligence, rather than imposing a change in behaviour as a conventional drug often does, and are typically given in ultra high dilutions thus removing any possible chemical interference. That homeopathic remedies continue to act when the original substance is no longer apparently present continues to baffle traditional science but there are scores of well-documented examples both historically and recently which offer convincing evidence and every homeopath will have their own stories of remarkable changes in the physical and emotional well being of their patients following prescriptions of remedies.

What to Expect

Each person is treated as an individual and their story, the history of how they came to be unwell or distressed, is as important as their presenting symptoms or their diagnosis. The patient’s perception of themselves, the understanding that they can bring to their problem, is likewise just as important as the homeopath’s observations. Homeopaths work holistically, often curious about apparently unrelated sets of symptoms and willing to recognise connections between the body and the mind.

Homeopathy is safe and suitable for all ages. Its gentle administration and gradual, natural action on the body make it suitable for babies and children as well as the elderly.

Typically an initial consultation will last about an hour and a follow-up might be scheduled for about a month later although, of course, this would depend on the nature of the problem being discussed.