This type of massage is ideal for anyone with minor injuries and musculoskeletal problems that may be causing them pain and impacting on their occupation, physical activity and quality of life.

If you are physically active, a sports massage is a great therapy to have alongside exercise to enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

However, it is not just beneficial to athletes, but everyone, where the day to day stresses of the job can cause aches, pains and postural problems.

A sports massage will employ a combination of general massage techniques to relax the body and promote health, including:

  • Neuromuscular technique (NMT)
  • Trigger Point Therapy (TPT)
  • Muscular Energy Technique (MET)
  • Soft Tissue Release (STR)
  • Myofascial release techniques
  • Connective Tissue Manipulation (CTM)

Pre/Post Event Massage

This form of massage is useful to anyone who competes or takes part in physical events.

Pre event is a short 30-minute energising massage that helps the body prepare for the event ahead. It helps your circulation, flexibility and mental preparation before your event. Pre event massages should be carried out within the 24 hours ahead of your physical activity.

Post event massage is an important part of a cool down after a sporting event. It is a short 30-minute massage that helps increase circulation, reduces muscle tension, and mentally calms an individual after their event. Post event massage should be carried out within the 24 hours following your event.